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Semiconductor Electronic module parts including IGBT IPM PIM power module, SCR thyristor module, Diode Rectifier Module, GTO & Thyristor & Diode Parts, Fuse parts, Frequency Converter/inverter components, Boards, capacitors, Resistors, Sensors, Fans, Cables, Connectors are widely application in whole Industry / industrial control field. Such as frequency converter/inverter Machines. Lifts or Elevators, Forklifts, Welding / Oiling / Mining / Steel Factory / CNC machines, Railway / Subway controls, Repairing/ Maintain Department, General purpose inverter, servo drives and other motor controls. DC drives, UPS, inverters, reduced voltage starters. AC and DC Servo Drive Amplifier Uninterruptible Power Supply Industrial machines.

Brands parts with ABB AB Mitsubishi Schneider FUJI Hitachi Westcode IR IXYS Sanrex Infineon Eupec Semikron Vacon Danfoss SIBA ETI Jean muller Ferraz Shawmut Hinode Toshiba AIRPAX Bussmann Edison GE Lawson EFEN  JOONGWON Littelfuse KYOSAN MRO.

Sony HD mini Camera is application for Security surveillance conference camera equipment drone medical equipment industrial automation.

Cisco Switches, Routers, IP phones, Modules, Wireless parts application for Networking & Security & Communications.

Taifans Technology Co., Ltd.Taifans Technology Co., Ltd.